As SAP® Customer Experience solutions partner, Marand supports you on your way of digital transformation.

SAP C/4HANA Experience Management

Omnichannel strategy

Customers of many companies want to interact with them through various channels, at any time and at any place. They expect consistent and personalised communication with your company. Omnichannel approach allows you to consistently communicate across all your touchpoints and channels. We help companies that embark on the path of omnichannel approach with SAP cloud solutions to put customer experience in the center of your company’s operations and thus increasing conversions and customer satisfaction.

360° Customer Insight

In depth relationships - instead of having merely transactional relationship with your customers - enables you to provide the relevant information and services as well as real-time recommendations on the spot. SAP C/4 HANA solutions enable you to gather information that customers leave on their buying journey. Having accurate information about your customers enables you to develop long term relationships, conversions and loyalty.

New digital business models with SAP® Commerce

Innovation through the conception and implementation of new digital business models enables you to find new revenue streams and address new market opportunities. Opening up new sources of revenues with the help of SAP® Commerce enables you to grow your business, increase sales and profit.

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